About us

Specialising in fresh sushi and Japanese cuisine, Oiishi is proud to be East Kilbride’s first Japanese restaurant.

Using only the freshest ingredients, head chef Stephen Lau and his skilled team of chefs offer an exciting menu of both traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Featuring several varieties of sushi, noodle and rice dishes and soups, the extensive food menu at Oiishi has something for everyone!

About Stephen

Stephen brings with him over 20 years of expertise in creating and preparing authentic Japanese cuisine, having trained and worked under some of the finest Japanese culinary masters during the 1990’s. This is reflected in the careful selection of ingredients, winning flavour combinations and artistic presentation of each dish.

His mission is not only to treat diners to delicious authentic Japanese cuisine, but to provide a positive dining experience, making each visit feel like a special occasion. This can be felt through the vibrant decor and choice of artwork, including three major works by Malaysian-born artist, Hock Aun Teh.

Stephen and his team look forward to welcoming you to Oiishi, and will be more than happy to make any food recommendations. We encourage you to try something new!

Oiishi Speciality Dishes

  • Oiishi Volcano Chilli Ramen Soup
  • Crispy Kamo Amai Sauce with Rice (Duck)
  • Volcano Roll (Sushi)
  • Bento

Opening Hours

Sunday: 3:30–10pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12–2pm, 4:30–10:30pm
Wednesday: 12–2pm, 4:30–10:30pm
Thursday: 12–2pm, 4:30–10:30pm
Friday: 12–2pm, 4:30–11pm
Saturday: 12–2pm, 4:30–11pm

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